Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Everquest 2 down for today

Also all of sony's online games, message boards and customer service. Though probably not so coincidently it happens to fall on the same day that halo 3 comes out. Hmm... Ya know I never really feel how like a drug an mmorpg is, until I cant play the one I'm into at the time. Oh sure sometimes I can stop playing for days or weeks at a time of my own will, but once its officially down I start jonesing hardcore.

Nothing new of consequence has happened to me lately thats really worth noting. Except mabye an expeirience I had last night at Carl's and Jessica's that left a bad taste in my mouth. Nothing too bad happened, except something that made me feel how supposedly amongst friends how unfriendly that place really is. Peace out. Ciao.

I'm going to be adding to this post throughout the day. Cant sleep yet again. Damn. Downloaded the free 7 day trial to Lord of the rings online to get my mmorpg fix. Played it a little bit. I made a female elf champion, or as far as I can tell basic hack and slasher. I downloaded the smaller low res version so it would download faster. As far as I can tell from the low res version that I have a clunky frame rate and cant watch the movies tied to the race you picked. My computer is below average to be considered a gaming computer. Its a hewlett packard I bought in sept 06, though it runs eq2 just fine. I probably wont even play it that much more as I have stuff to do in real life and by the time thats done eq2 should be back up and running. Now I'm just droning on and on about nothing. Give me a break its 341 am here.


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mijares said...

Ok I have no idea what you just said there...