Sunday, December 23, 2007


Oh man I was browsing through the something awful archives the other day and found these comics to be hysterical. Maybe becuase it was 3 in the morning, mabye it was becuase I have been very depressed lately, but I laughed so hard I gave myself a charlie horse. For those of you who dont get the joke, they are photoshops of the webcomic penny arcade. What I find really hilarious about these is that the two characters, tycho and gabe, are stand ins for the creators. Who look like this:

They get REALLY pissed if anyone brings up why they dont look like their webcomics counterparts and claim they dont represent theml. Yeah right, thats why they draw their girlfriends into the strip, and why one of them named their child Gabe. Mabye they should draw themselves like this:

Also note that the fat guy in the second panel looks more like the real tycho.

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