Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday give away code for golden tee!

Just caught this today on IT's Golden Tee forum. To all those card users out there who like clothing for their golfer, you can get holiday clothing just for playing the game! You can enter the code up to 4 times to get a santa hat, christmas tree hat, santa top and santa bottom. When you play just go to options, give away code and then enter 0333333333, ( A zero and 3 nines). I will go to a GT machine today to try it out. EDIT: Yeah you can just play one game and enter the code 4 times to get all four pieces of clothing. Hurry as this seems to be a limited time deal.

Friday, December 5, 2008

4 Carding in Golden Tee

Ok so last thursday I go down to the Wildcard, literally the only place in town that has a Golden Tee Live machine, and equip my golfer on my 4th and last card with the 09 ftx clubs and 24 d2 balls. All my golfers have those equipped to play on Bonnie Moore, the course I am practicing on to get better at the game. To use some MMORPG terms, my main is Rootfish, and my three alts are anonagolfer, midnightgolf and aqualoco. Anonagolfer is the last one equipped and is the only guy golfer, I use one the last male head on the selection list for him which is some famous golfer adding to the ironic name.

I am going to 4 card in Golden tee so I can play a 4 player game by myslef on glory mode to become better skill wise. I know 4 carding is frowned upon by the Golden tee community on prize mode, specifically CTTP. I am bound to get better as I would have the same setup on the same course with the same conditions, essentially 4 tries at the same hole.

I am probably the person who puts the most money in that machine, but sadly unless I send another angry email to the owners of the bar the machine will not get maintenenced. I am wary of putting 16$+ into it for a four player game as the machine seems to be slowing down between load screens, probably a sign the power supply or the fan or the graphics card is loose inside. Also last time I was there, a sticky substance was on the console and the ball, probably some drunk spilling greasy food on it or something. I have contemplated bringin in some windex or something to clean it off, but the people there already think I'm some kind of Golden Tee playing psycho or something heh. I know the staff fucking hates me, as I dont order alcholic beverages just mountain dew but I do tip. Ecspecially this one asshole named Shawn who is a bartender there, and seemed to get a hard on from not giving me a refund when the machine resets on me. I'm a pretty good patron and just want to be left alone so I can play some golden tee.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Review: Play TV Golden Tee Golf

Ok so I saw online there was a home, plug and play version of golden tee. It had the track ball and looks like a miniature version of the golden tee arcade control panel, kinda. So I got bored and bought for 30$ plus shipping and handling through a third party seller on, which is usually 40$ through amazon. Though I wished I bought for cheap on ebay...

First of all I was surprised that I needed 4 double aa batteries to play it, even though there was a hole for a wall adapter,( and the instructions talk about it being compatible with one), there were none to be found. A quick trip to the radio shack for 4 rechargeables and a recharger later, I came home to try it out.

First of all the on/off switch is at the front of the console, right in front of my lap... I've accidently turned off the game way too many times. The little track ball is fun, while obviously not of the quality of the arcade, I give it points for trying to recreate the console. Oddly there is a roll button but no backspin option. The sticker shows the various simple shots that can be made with the track ball number and letter combination.

Though the actual software that comes with it has a lot left to be desired, for 40$ retail I was expecting a little more. First of all there is no actual view of your golfer hitting the ball, you use the turn buttons to aim your shot, while pushing the ball to the sides selects your club. You have a crude target on the main driving shot screen, and over the little overland map of the golf course. Ther is only one course, and no other types of club sets or balls can be selected. You can however get a 4 player game going, but I suspect only die hard golden tee people might like as it would seem everyone else would get bored of it.

For the price they are asking they could have at least put some crappy batteries inside and/or a wall adapter making it ready right out of the box. As it stands, this should be a 20$ item at most.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get your own Golden Tee arcade game!

From the golden tee website, Top-Flite is giving away a brand new Golden Tee 09 unplugged machine! Second prize is a year supply of golf balls, but who gives a shit about that. Also you can enter every day until Dec 31. Click here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Golden Tee

This is my newest obsession: playing Golden Tee live at the bar. I started playing last August and got suckered into it by the lure of money. Apparently the machines are connected to the internet wireless, and if you send away for a card for 2$ you can play for money. A normal game online, or glory play, costs $4 per 18 hole course or 3$ for the front or back 9 of a course. With a card you can save your stats, earn clothing, buy clubs and balls for your golfer and be able to play for cash. If you select prize play its an extra dollar.

I've seen this game before in bars and never really thought much of it. I tried offline versions at bars with friends years ago, but the game never exactly wowed me. Well that changed last August when I noticed golden tee 08 at the WildCard. With better looking graphics, a card to save your stats and most importantly the chance to win money, I decided to give it a try. The game has a high learning curve, especially for me as I've never really played sports video games all that much in the past. It took me a while to grasp the basics of the game, and started off with scores of +30, but slowly but surely I was becoming slightly better. Nowadays my average is still only +6

150 games later I still have a lot to learn, and to even think about winning any money off the game I would have to score consistently in the -20's in division 1. Though I am just having fun improving my game and unlocking clothes. Lately I have received 3 other cards so I can play a 4 player game to improve my skills. I play on a golden tee 09 machine now, almost always Bonnie Moor as that is the easiest course on 09, glory contests of course. Below is my one and only youtube video of my player with a greatshot. If you get a greatshot of over 160 yards on a 09 machine it will prompt you to accept a video to Youtube. Sure its only an eagle on the 2cnd hole of Bonnie Moor, but it's a start.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Everquest 2 account no longer suspended!

So I try to log in this morning, and lo and behold I can log in! Immediately I log onto my main, Rootfish. Looking at an in game email, Sony tells me I'm no longer suspended but next time if anything that has to do with money is different immediately /report it. The 60 plat I had is gone, leaving my character broke, but at least I'm not banned.

So I guess the lesson learned here is you ever come across anything dealing with money in Everquest 2 that looks too good to be true, don't do it. File a bug report, don't tell anyone else how to do it or your account will be in jeopardy. I dodged a bullet there...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yeah my Everquest 2 account just got suspended. Goddamn. Ok so the new expansion just came out, The Shadow Odyssey. The expansion went live last Tuesday and as to be expected on a launch day there were some bugs. At this time I had already pre-ordered the box version from, as the pre-order retail version came with a in game mount.

So I noticed that the tier 8 advanced tradeskill recipes were selling a little bit more to the vendor than usual. Usually they sell for around 7 gold 20 silver to my character with max Quenos faction. I noticed that the vendor was buying them for 14 gold 4 silver. So I think, sweet the game is giving more money to vendor items probably to promote the game and make it easier for people to make money and get to end level. So I thought I would get a jump on people before most of the player population notices and buy up all the advanced tradeskill recipes that are selling under 14 gold to make a profit to sell to vendor.

Wednesday morning a patch came up a7 a.m. Pacific standard time. So I go to the Everquest 2 official forums and notice a couple threads about a plat exploit. People were talking about how some items were being sold for way more than usual and some way less. Now at the time I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, and it didn't seem like an exploit to me. There were bigger exploits apparently with people shopping vendors and items selling for plat that normally sell for gold.

So today I finally get my game in the mail. I put in the code to my account to activate it and load the game onto my computer. I was happy with the pre order items and even got a couple of loot items with the free Legend of Norrath packs. I play for a little bit and do some things around the house. Tonight I fired up the game again and I get a suspsended account message. WHAT THE FUCK.

After about 20 minutes of looking around the Everquest 2 support site, I finally track down the phone support number for accounts. Its a non toll free number to San Diego and I live in Washington state. Good thing I have skype, so I call them. After going through their automated voice maze I finally get a hold of a live person. The representative informs me that there was a massive exploit and they are investigating 1600 accounts, instead of rolling back the servers.

So the guy on the phone says that I earned around 120 plat on my account in a couple of days, and informs me that that is not normal for the game. Well not only is that wrong, but I am on the bazaar server where you can sell the in game currency legally. I earned that in game money selling harvest rares, not from the advanced tradeskill recipe sales. I'm a farmer, tha'ts what I do, I farm LEGALLY.

Anyway the guy on the phone tells me that the only thing I can do is wait and there is nothing he can do, and even if he told his boss his boss would laugh at him. FUCKING WONDERFULL. The only thing I can do is wait until the investigation is over and they will tell me if I my account is banned permanently. Apparently this goes all the way the top to the chain of command. The top of what? Everquest 2? Sony? The Presidency? He tells me they will make it worth my while if I am found innocent. All of this because of a bug on their side and suddenly I'm an "exploiter".

I have never been in trouble with an MMORPG before. Never been reprimanded, suspended or banned. I'm not a hacker, exploiter or cheater. I've been caught in the dragnet. I've been playing this game straight for over 2 years and make a little bit of money on the side. This post might seem a little bit overdramatic but I've been a loyal customer and if my account is banned I'm not coming back. Just as I put down $40+ for the expansion too and I cant even play it right now.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Note: I did not make this just some weird shit I found on the Internet.

"They have normal vaginas in their crotches but enlarged butt cheeks with swollen, muscular ass holes which function as mouth and anus."


Friday, February 1, 2008

Fan Faire and EQ2 Players character link

Hmm whats been going on lately? Nuthing much, just winter has been pretty harsh up here in washington but it is slowly warming up in the wenatchee valley.

Here is a current vote for the location of Sony Fan Faire '08. Looks like after two poll wipes most people who voted want it in las vegas, though they did that last year. I hope I can go this year, as I have never been and would like to return to vegas for a trip. So vote for vegas.

Here is the link to my main character in everquest 2. Got her up to lvl 80 zerker, 80 armorer and 400 tinkerer. Right now she is pretty much just gathering mats to do rush orders to lvl up her guild, and collecting rares on the side to sell on the brokerage. Go buy my ferrite clusters!