Friday, February 1, 2008

Fan Faire and EQ2 Players character link

Hmm whats been going on lately? Nuthing much, just winter has been pretty harsh up here in washington but it is slowly warming up in the wenatchee valley.

Here is a current vote for the location of Sony Fan Faire '08. Looks like after two poll wipes most people who voted want it in las vegas, though they did that last year. I hope I can go this year, as I have never been and would like to return to vegas for a trip. So vote for vegas.

Here is the link to my main character in everquest 2. Got her up to lvl 80 zerker, 80 armorer and 400 tinkerer. Right now she is pretty much just gathering mats to do rush orders to lvl up her guild, and collecting rares on the side to sell on the brokerage. Go buy my ferrite clusters!

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