Friday, December 5, 2008

4 Carding in Golden Tee

Ok so last thursday I go down to the Wildcard, literally the only place in town that has a Golden Tee Live machine, and equip my golfer on my 4th and last card with the 09 ftx clubs and 24 d2 balls. All my golfers have those equipped to play on Bonnie Moore, the course I am practicing on to get better at the game. To use some MMORPG terms, my main is Rootfish, and my three alts are anonagolfer, midnightgolf and aqualoco. Anonagolfer is the last one equipped and is the only guy golfer, I use one the last male head on the selection list for him which is some famous golfer adding to the ironic name.

I am going to 4 card in Golden tee so I can play a 4 player game by myslef on glory mode to become better skill wise. I know 4 carding is frowned upon by the Golden tee community on prize mode, specifically CTTP. I am bound to get better as I would have the same setup on the same course with the same conditions, essentially 4 tries at the same hole.

I am probably the person who puts the most money in that machine, but sadly unless I send another angry email to the owners of the bar the machine will not get maintenenced. I am wary of putting 16$+ into it for a four player game as the machine seems to be slowing down between load screens, probably a sign the power supply or the fan or the graphics card is loose inside. Also last time I was there, a sticky substance was on the console and the ball, probably some drunk spilling greasy food on it or something. I have contemplated bringin in some windex or something to clean it off, but the people there already think I'm some kind of Golden Tee playing psycho or something heh. I know the staff fucking hates me, as I dont order alcholic beverages just mountain dew but I do tip. Ecspecially this one asshole named Shawn who is a bartender there, and seemed to get a hard on from not giving me a refund when the machine resets on me. I'm a pretty good patron and just want to be left alone so I can play some golden tee.

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