Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Review: Play TV Golden Tee Golf

Ok so I saw online there was a home, plug and play version of golden tee. It had the track ball and looks like a miniature version of the golden tee arcade control panel, kinda. So I got bored and bought for 30$ plus shipping and handling through a third party seller on, which is usually 40$ through amazon. Though I wished I bought for cheap on ebay...

First of all I was surprised that I needed 4 double aa batteries to play it, even though there was a hole for a wall adapter,( and the instructions talk about it being compatible with one), there were none to be found. A quick trip to the radio shack for 4 rechargeables and a recharger later, I came home to try it out.

First of all the on/off switch is at the front of the console, right in front of my lap... I've accidently turned off the game way too many times. The little track ball is fun, while obviously not of the quality of the arcade, I give it points for trying to recreate the console. Oddly there is a roll button but no backspin option. The sticker shows the various simple shots that can be made with the track ball number and letter combination.

Though the actual software that comes with it has a lot left to be desired, for 40$ retail I was expecting a little more. First of all there is no actual view of your golfer hitting the ball, you use the turn buttons to aim your shot, while pushing the ball to the sides selects your club. You have a crude target on the main driving shot screen, and over the little overland map of the golf course. Ther is only one course, and no other types of club sets or balls can be selected. You can however get a 4 player game going, but I suspect only die hard golden tee people might like as it would seem everyone else would get bored of it.

For the price they are asking they could have at least put some crappy batteries inside and/or a wall adapter making it ready right out of the box. As it stands, this should be a 20$ item at most.

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