Sunday, January 18, 2009

Movie review: The wicker man (Nicholas Cage version)

The original 1973 The wicker man is an awesome movie. The 2006 version of the film with the same name is a fucking travesty. Someone should force a swarm of bees down Cage's cock. Here is a video with all the unintentional comedy so you don't have to slog through this shitpile to find the comedy gold.

Note: Like everything else on this site I did not make this, nor do I claim I did. Pretty much unless I said I made something I'm just reposting. Anyway without further ado, here is Nicholas Cage punching out a woman in a bearsuit.


Anonymous said...

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Rootfish said...

Oh hey Donna! Long time no see. I will email you soon. How did you find out about my blog?