Monday, February 9, 2009

City of heroes valentines day event

So I've stopped playing Everquest2 months ago and have reactivated my account to City of heroes. I really haven't played it seriously since I sold off my old account 2005. So this yearly Spring Fling event is new to me, guess they've been doing it since 2006. So anyway its like the winter event, you get the mission at pocket D again and a mythological figure has you fight Snaggletooth, again. You can earn some more badges and costume pieces so that's fine with me.

Even more options to dress your super heroine like a slut

They are also selling an optional "wedding pack" for 10$ which I guess is new. The wedding pack apparently comes with new costumes pieces and emotes you can do, not exactly worth 10$ to me personally. My feelings are that it should be part of the game for free, but eh whatever if it keeps the game alive.

Brown Blanka proposes to Jessica Rabbit.

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