Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stoned ideas for the final episode of king of the hill.

The Troglodyte that makes this show.

1. Thatherton beats Buck Strickland to death on the steps of a church. Steals all of Buck's money but gets caught and is raped to death in prison, the money is never found. Hank starts his own mom and pop propane business and becomes succesfull eventually.

2. Dale finds John Redcorn having sex with his wife and guns him down. He is found guilty and has to join the Aryan nation gang in prison to survive.

3. Bill steals Ladybird, the carcass is never found.

4. Luanne gets her baby taken away by social services due to thinking Lucky is not a fit parent. Tom Petty shows up and stabs Lucky to death in front of Luanne and the baby. Luanne becomes a stripper and becomes hooked on crystal meth.

5. Bill has sex with Laoma in Khans bed and during some rough sex she has a hearth attack and dies. Khan walks in witnesses this, he enters a catatonic state from which he never recovers. In fact Khan goes into a coma and dies.


I posted the above to the imdb message board on king of the hill and proably will be taken down soon.


Anonymous said...

Dude are you fucked up in the head? did your mama drop you on the floor one too many times? Seriously I think you need some serious psychiatric counseling to get over all of this person killed that person, this person is raped in prison. You know that Mike Judge won't do anything that you said and I hope that IMDB did deleted your post.

Rootfish said...

Obviously Mike Judge will never do anything like this. This was done for laughs and you need to lighten up.

Rootfish said...

Also Khan Jr lifts her dress to Bobby and she has a penis. Bobby throws himself on the ground, goes into a seizure throwing up, shitting and pissing himself at the same time. King of the Hill, serious business.

Anonymous said...

I think some of it was ok like dale finally catching his wife but the rest is a little vulger

Rootfish said...

A little vulgar? I guess I haven't done my job...