Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New changes to Golden Tee.

For some weeks now IT,(Incredible Technologies, the people who make Golden Tee), have stated at the bottom of their Golden Tee website page that they have been having regular times of taking Golden Tee offline in the morning. I never encountered this as I tend to play in the evenings, as well as being in Pacific time while they take it down on central time so by the time my local bar opens its a moot point. Lately they have been giving actual times of when they plan on going down instead of the vague in the mornings. Apparently they have been updating their software and and maintenance.

People have noticed in the golden tee forums that they been moved from division II to division I mysteriously. The wording for skill bracket 1 has been changed on the website to: "Player's LBS is lower than Ten Under Par (-11 and better), or player's BSH contains a significant number of Ten Under Par (-10) scores." This is IT's response to forcibly move the chronic sandbaggers from division II to I to give newbies a chance at the money. I welcome this change that I'm one of those newbies and I may occasionally sandbag 1 or 2 putts to -10, I still struggle to get there and there is no way I can earn money in division 1 with my current skill level.

Another thing I have noticed since last night that if you finish a prize game, and if you play again on the same card you will not be put back in the same contest, you will be put into a new contest even if the first contest is not over. I tested this today by playing 4 prize games on Bonnie Moore on the same card, and yes it did start a new game every time, with me being the only person in the last two games at the time. I too also welcome this change as I don't have to be forced to wait around or more likely go home and play another day to play in a fresh prize game.

Also I just noticed this post on the GT forums. Good I can now start earning clothing again for every 5 games I play.

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