Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Golden Tee at George, Washington

By the gorge at George.

Last Saturday my quest for Golden Tee knowledge lead me to George,washington. I live in the nearby town of Wenatchee,Washington which is about a 40 mile trip. What lead me there was to visit Cuse1, who I met on the golden tee forums. He was excited to know that someone who was into golden tee was nearby as we live in the boonies. So I traveled over there to the rivershark pub and taught me many things about golden tee.

I've been playing since about August 2008 with around 300 games under my belt, he quoted me that he has played around 19,000. So naturally I was eager to learn. He was a very nice guy and owned the two GT machines in the bar. He also treated me to free games on his dime while he showed me many a lesson. He showed me how to chip with any club, anwhere near the whole. I learned many things such as that roll decreases the balls loft while backspin increases it, as well as there being gameplay differences between the male and female golfer. After about 5 or 6 games it was getting dark and I had to get going. I plan on coming back in about a month to hang out and be blessed with his sage advice. Coming back into town I felt like moses just came down from the mountain. I may be sounding a little melodramatic but I have been getting frustrated with the game lately and been getting bad scores. With this new information my game can only improve from here. Not only did I get some real good advice but I made a friend.

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