Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of users of people, users of drugs.

Most of the shitbags in Wenatchee.

Tired of big fat fucking phonies who pretend they are my friend but just want something from me. People who use me as their emotional punching bag and just want to look big in front of themselves and their friends. People who think they are alpha males but are in fact the opposite, zeta males whose crippling sense of inferiority and insecurity cause them to shit on others. Tired of people who when they either get what they want or I am of no immediate use to them put me back on their shit list. And if your one of those reading this FUCK YOU. I'm a pretty damned nice guy and you used my friendship to wipe your ass with. I put my life on hold these last 4 years to watch my Father who has Alzheimer's because no one else in my family is willing to do it. I have also been battling depression most of my life and finally am on a medication that let me get a grip with it and be able to function in a halfway decent matter. And yet I have had friends in the past who used my docile nature and depressed state to manipulate what they wanted from me. NO MORE. I'm really pissed off right now and it just amazes me how people have no fucking shame.

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Anonymous said...

This is your future. Hold on just a little longer; there's a woman who will worship you. You'll know it's her when you smell her sweetness and patchouli. She'll hold your gaze and laugh with you. Hold on.