Sunday, June 21, 2009

Found out something I didn't know about Golden Tee...

The card of choice for the D2 sandbagger.

Ok so this probably isn't news to a lot of you GT vets, but the other day I was using my Golden Tee cards to play 3 free holes when I figured out you can use your debit/credit card or any card that money can be put on it to get 3 free holes. So pretty much the same cards that can be used for prize games, (Silver strike bowling cards, Gift cards, etc.), can be used to swipe for 3 free holes once on that machine.


Doc Holeaday said...

Oh my ... if you only knew the "HOLE" story about Starbucks and the D2 sandbaggers!!!

Thanks for swinging by my site recently!

Be cool,
Buck (aka: DOC HOLEADAY)

Rootfish said...

No problemo. Yeah I knew it was a problem but they have since fixed it by not letting starbuck cards being able to be used as a GT card. Though you can still get 3 free holes with different cards in your wallet, which to someone who doesn't make any profit at this game like me, its just an added bonus.