Monday, October 19, 2009

Venture Bros season 4 premiere tottally fucked up on the west coast!

Good news! The premeire of The Venture Bros season 4 was tonight! Bad news! I live on the west coast and instead of showing the entire episode it just reran the first 15 minutes twice! At first I thought they were either pulling a Wondershowzen or it would show the same timeframe from someone elses perspective. Nope just a massive fuck up! Someone is definatly getting fired for this. And of course the Adult Swim boards went total ape shit. Apparently the episode wont show up on the Adult Swim website till next week. You can watch the second half on youtube here where it looks like someone recorded it with a camera or something... Watch it quick until youtube pulls it!

Originally this post was supposed to be about the premiere but seeing it chopped up its hard for me to write about than what it was originally intended to be viewed. Also its fun to post about fuck ups.

EDIT: Ok saw it at 4am and they fixed their fuckup. Also contrary to rumors the episode is available on the AS here. Though not as epic as the season 2 premiere it still was pretty good, though I'm kinda getting tired of Sgt Hatred ecspecially now that he seems to have filled the Brock role of the boys bodyguard. Highlights: Fat Brock. Helper attached to the walking eye. Cameos by Bigfoot, Steve Winters and Holy Diver. Hunter Gathers as a triple agent, and apparently not a woman? And Sphinx is back. Ha ha,just caught a commerical on Adult Swim that about the fuck up so they are going to show this episode Monday through Friday at 1230 am.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hole in ones 6 thru 9

This is the first time I got a hole in one other than Bonnie Moore, namely Sunny Wood.

Second video is the first time I ever I played on Cumberland, a classic 2005 course that is currently available to play at the Pioneer house. Also featured is the costume you get from the Halloween give away code of this year.

Third hole in one is my first youtube of 2010 and Monument Valley.

Second hole in one in two days!

Hey I just noticed the unintended sexual innuendo of the title. 69. HURR HURR HURR! Also I'm going to start posting the videos in High Details from now on.